How Masticating Juicers Work?

If you are looking for the best juicer which provides high-quality juices preserving your nutrients, then you must’ve heard the name of Masticating Juicers. This is also known as a slow juicer.

How Masticating Juicers Work?

Omega j8006 masticating juicer

Today I will let will know in which procedure it works to provide the best quality juices.

From soft or hard fruits to fruit juices, from raw veggies to veggie juices- a complete process will be discussed here.

Also, here I will tell you about the advantages of the slow working procedure.

So, let’s head forward to the main course.

Typical Design of a Masticating Juicer

Commonly Masticating juicers are designed with a feeding chute at the top. For crushing or grinding to the fruits or veggies that you’ve put, there is a chamber between the auger and juicer screen. You will also find a section for coming out the excess pulp. After that, you will get your desired juice through extraction tube.

How Masticating Juicers Work?

Okay, after you get the idea about the design of a masticating juicer it’s time for us how does it work.

Slowly But Efficiently (Preserving the Nutrients)

A masticating juicer works slowly but in an efficient manner. How? Usually, a masticating juicer comes with single gear, also known as single auger and blade. When you put it fruits or veggies in the feeding chute, it automatically starts to spin. It not only spins but also crushes the fruits and vegetable until they turn into a liquid form.

As most masticating juicer comes with an operating speed of 80 to 100 rpm. So it can be easily said that it’s a slow process. After it gets crushed in a liquid form, it is moved to the mesh filter. Also known as a stainless strainer. This strainer helps you to juice continuously without having any damages.

Why are These Juices Beneficial to Health?

As the masticating juicer has a slow juicing capacity, so it produces less or no heat. But the most attractive feature is that slow juicing reduces oxidation. Less or no oxidation helps to preserve the maximum nutrients from the extract.

As the blade is moving slowly, the gear can easily reduce the chance of oxidation. For ensuring better taste and texture of your juice reducing oxidation is very crucial. Moreover, you can also store this juice without any damages up to many hours. Many manufacturers offer 72 hours of refrigeration time. That means, your juice will taste the same after 72 hours also.

Less oxidation not ensures better taste but also preserves vitamins and enzymes too.

Final Words

The masticating juicer is built with advanced technologies. Though having a motor which can create only 80 to 100 rpm, but it can process all types of juices. Not only juices, the simple, slow but efficient working procedure helps to process a different kind of sorbets, baby foods, pasta, peanut butter, fruit smoothies and much more.

So why waiting? Want to get higher juice yield which produces less foam and pulp? Go for the Masticating Juicers.

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