Fruit Juice Vs Vegetable Juice Infographic

Which juices are most popular, or which are most consumed juices in America? There are many different types of opinions concerning the popularity of vegetable juices and fruit juices.

There is a small group of people called fruitarians who maintain that fruit juice is the only one proper juice for people. Then there is another group of people who favor vegetables for great health and nutrition.

fruit vs vegetable juice

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According to the current statistics, most Americans consume fruit juices. Although, they don’t dislike vegetable juices; just they prefer taste. Fruits contain higher sugar comparatively then vegetables. People love vegetable juices who are seriously concerned about diabetes and overweight.

Younger people love juices than children and older community. Important issue is to consider that sometimes consuming juices is a fashion for the younger. However, juices are healthier for human body but the consumption policy can be changed according to ages, gender and other relevant profiles.

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