Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Review

Deciding on the best Breville juicer can be a tedious and difficult process with all the different selections available to choose from. Fortunately, there are Breville juicer reviews that can help you make an informed buying decision.

Juice QualityHigh
Juice Shelf Life24 Hours
Dishwasher SafeYes
Pulp EjectionExternal
MotorDual Speed
Wattage1000 Watts
BuildDie Cast Metal & Plastic
Noise LevelHigh
Warranty1 Years
Best For JuicingCitrus Fruits

This article is one of those Breville juicer reviews which will focus on the Breville BJS600XL. It will cover its features, the pros & cons, commonly asked questions, and offer a final verdict on the product. Continue reading to learn more about this Breville juicer.

Features of Breville BJS600XL

This section is going to cover the main features of the Breville Fountain Crush juicer. These features are what stand out most about this particular product and will likely play an important role in the decision to purchase the product.

Juicing Quality

Since this is a masticating juicer, it does a great job preserving the overall nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables. It also is perfect for leafy greens like wheatgrass. Overall yield is fairly impressive for most ingredient choices. Since this is a masticating juicer, you can store juice in the refrigerator for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.

Ease of Operation

Overall, the Breville Fountain Crush is very easy to assemble and operate. The parts simply lock in place and the safety mechanism prevents the unit from operating unless it is assembled correctly. The chute is large enough to take some fruits and berries whole.

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Review

The overflow protection prevents the machine from being overloaded with ingredients thereby preventing accidental damage. Also, the reverse direction control is great for dislodging stuck ingredients from the chute. Overall, the Breville Fountain Crush is very easy to operate and maintain.

Overall Noise

While juicers are great for producing healthy beverages, they tend to be quite loud and are prone to waking up the entire house. Fortunately, the Breville Fountain Crush juicer is the polar opposite in terms of noise. The motor is very powerful and surprisingly quiet in operation making it a great choice for early risers.

The Good

  • Quiet Operation: One area where this juicer excels is its quiet operation thanks to its slow spinning auger design.
  • Nutritional Quality: Being a masticating juicer, this unit is able to produce juice that retains more of its important vitamin and mineral content.
  • Easy To Dislodge: One of the best things about this juicer is the handy reverse flow that makes dislodging stuck ingredients a breeze.
  • Compact Design: Another great thing about this juicer is its compact design making it perfect for a variety of kitchen countertops.

The Bad

  • Short Warranty: One downside about this juicer is its short warranty period of only one year.
  • Lots Of Pulp: Another potential downside of this juicer is that it produces a lot of pulp that may be off-putting for many users.
  • Ingredient Preparation: Larger ingredients like apples must be cut before you can place them inside the juicer.

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Review

It can juice hard and soft fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens like kale and spinach

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this unit BPA free?
No, the Breville Fountain Crush is not BPA free.

Q: Are the parts dishwasher safe?
A: No, the parts are not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed.

Q: Can you make nut butter with this unit?
A: The Breville Fountain Crush is not suitable for making nut butter. However, it can be used to make nut milk products.

Is the motor covered by a separate warranty period?
No, both the motor and the unit itself are covered by the same one-year warranty period.


The Breville BJS600XL is one of the best Breville juicer options in their product lineup today. It does have some glaring shortcomings such as not being dishwasher safe or BPA free. However, the compact design and extra quiet motor make this an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality juicer.

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